Welcome to a World of Theories!

Hello everybody! This website will be used for my theories and getting feedback on them. I have a few different theories, most of them for The Legend of Zelda series, and i want to hear some feedback on them. I have a few of them posted on my youtube channel:Hattie the Hat Lord.I will probably update this when theories come to mind, so there will be a lot of theories on the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. Let it be known that this is my first website, so if there are gliches and bugs I will try and fix them as they pop up. If there is anything else that you want to see, tell me on either this site, my youtube, my QuizUp, my Instagram, or my Tumblr.

Theory 1: Owl and Owl Statues

Let's start out small. I made this theory a while back, when the only way for me to get the theory out was on youtube.

Hello everybody! Hattie the hat Lord here, and this video is going to be about something a bit different, this video is going to be a theory video about The Legend of Zelda series. This is a theory about the Owl from Majora's mask. Now I must warn you, there ARE spoilers in this theory about the Legend of Zelda series, so if you haven't already, I strongly suggest that you play the game or, you know, watch videos on it from channels like Chuggaaconroy. Go on, I’ll wait… You done? ok. So, here it is, my theory on the Owl and Owl statues from Majora's mask!

So, anybody remember the sucky saving in the N64 version of Majora's Mask? Well, I realized something when watching a video of that game; The Owl remembers you when you turn back time, and the Owl Statues stay with their wings up when you turn back time. I find this very strange, because due to you turning back time, everyone's memories should be gone, right? Well, not everyone's. The Giants stay freed and probably remember you freeing them, the people in the masks you have stay dead, and the banker allows you to keep your money. While these occurrences are strange, this might be the goddess of time’s doing to grant you access to all the important things you need. Maybe the Owl and the Owl Statues are in a similar state, with the owl being sent by the Goddess to help Link in his journey.

Another theory that I have for this is that the Owl is one of Termina’s guardian deities. In Woodfall and Snowhead, he tells you of the problems in the area in hopes that you can fix it. In Snowhead, he tests you to see if you're courageous and determined enough to even possibly help the area with the extreme conditions it's going through. He is worried about the area’s conditions and eagerly seeks help to save them. He stoops so low as to ask for help from a small boy. But what do you guys think? Leave a comment below telling me your theories, I love to read them. Anyways, that's all for now! This has been Hattie, Until next time, Hat’s off to you!

Fairly small, right? Oh well, they will get better.

Theory 2: Sheikah voices

As we all know, Breath of the Wild has been hyped for a very long time. We finally got what we wanted and so much more at E3 this year, and figured out that it will come out when the NX comes out. But this game also has its fair share of mysteries, from the old man to what happened to Hyrule. Now, there is something that happens at the beginning and end of each shrine; a small, muttering voice speaks. It is known that this is indeed the Old Sheikah Monks who set up the trial for Link, but is brings up some questions; Who is the voice at the beginning when Link wakes up from stasis; do all Sheikah have voices in this game; is there even going to be any live Sheikah? all these questions have been running through my head lately, and I don't have an answer to all of them yet, but there is an answer to one; the voice at the beginning. It is commonly speculated that the voice is Zelda, and if so I have yet another question; Why do only the Sheikah Monks and Zelda speak? Is there some relation? I have two theories on this

1. The voices come at important parts of the game, in cutscenes and all that

2. There is a bigger picture to this game's Zelda, something that sets her apart from her ancestors.

I beleive both of these are, in fact, correct. There is something strange about this Zelda if it is true that she is the voice that wakes you up. It has been shown in other games that Zelda can telepathically talk to Link, A Link to the Past is a perfect example of this. But it's the fact that the Sheikah Monks and Zelda can talk and other characters like the Old Man can't that really gets me. Why does this happen? I don't have all the answers, and the fact that a lot of people say that it will just be for cutscenes it.. it just doesn't make sense to me. I guess we will find out in time, when the game comes out.